Al Usul looks to help infrastructure organisations becoming ‘active asset managers’ by providing expertise services which involve a combination of the followings:

  • Perform due diligence on Infrastructure     Organisations
  • Conduct gap analysis against the requirement of the Asset Management Standard, the PAS55 and the ISO55000
  • Provide Consutancy services to help setting up Policies, compiling Strategies, reviewing Structure, and embedding the right Procedures in the business.
  • Support the client procurement process to acquire specialized services and products to holistically address the various components of the asset lifetime costing, from inception stage to assets replacement.
  • Support the client in reviewing the Human Resources and in developing the appropriate staff Competency Framework, in light of the Asset Management Model needs.
  • Support the organisational transformation and the needed change management to satisfy the PAS55 and/or ISO55000 certification requirements.
  • Support the Clients on selecting the right Systems and Tools to manage its activities such as ERPs, Asset Lifecycle Management, Human Resource Management, Risk Management, Supply Chain, etc.